The New Easymerchant Online Store

EasyMerchant Limited is one of the leading building supply merchants in the United Kingdom. They are known to be the supplier of specialist building plastics and other products. Only recently, there has been an announcement in the news that they have launched their online store to make their products easily accessible to everyone.

Building supplies consistently have increasing demands. Building sites, especially real estate, is the main customer for such products. Now, with EasyMerchant Limited’s online store, these customers can easily browse and order for their needed supplies.

EasyMerchant Limited is known to be offering excellent quality products at affordable rates. This earned them the good reputation they have now. This also helped in their promotion and acceptance among different building industry in the United Kingdom. They have a partnership with various well-known manufacturing companies. Their products undergo several testing and trials to make sure that it exceeds the quality standard.

Contact Information

EasyMerchant Limited is located at Fairy Farm, Toppesfield Road, Braintee, CM7 4EP. Their contact person is Adam Finbow and can be contacted via phone number 01371850808, or email at Their business operates from Monday to Friday and opens at 8 in the morning. Their online store accepted payments via Amazon, Visa, Paypal, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, American Express, Square, and Cash upon pick up.

Shipping Details

Their shipping service operates on a £120/ex VAT minimum order and ship within 48 hours. They have an unmarked specialist vehicle with a well-trained delivery person. Orders under the minimum value will incur a £12.9 to a £15 carriage charge.

They only deliver the products within several postcodes, and other postcodes not on their list are by negotiation only. You may contact them in case your postcode is not included in their list. Below is the list of postcodes where they can deliver

  • AL
  • BN, B, BD, BA, BS, BH, BL, BR,
  • CB, CW, CF, CM, CH, CO, CT, CR, CV
  • DY, DA, DG, DE, DN,
  • EC, E, EN,
  • GL, GU
  • HG, HA, HX, HD, HU, HP, HR
  • IP, IG
  • KT
  • LU, L, LE, LD, LN, LS
  • ME, M, MK
  • N, NW, NG, NP, NN, NR
  • OL, OX
  • PO, PE
  • RH, RG, RM,
  • S, SS, SW, SE, SK, SG, SL, SO, SM, SN, SP, ST, SY
  • TF, TN, TW
  • UB
  • W, WD, WA, WV, WC, WF, WS, WN, WR
  • YO