Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger

Installing an electric fence is a reliable way of keeping the property safe and secured. Despite this advantage, the electric fence requires a high cost for maintenance and energy. One solution is installing a solar powered electric fence charger. It is a one-time expense that lowers energy bill for a long time while having a lifetime charger.

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Top Five Best Solar Powered Chargers

The Semprius provided their ten best solar-powered electric fences at Below is the detail of their top five in the list:

  1. Mile Solar Low Impedance Fence Charger

This charger is easy to install and use, and it offers versatile installation options. It has adjustable mounting to make sure it stays firmly in place. It is suitable for a wide range of fencing since it has a 10-mile range, and it can work for up to two weeks without sunlight. It is a six-volt model and has a 12 amp battery for better performance.

  1. Battery Operated Solid State Fence Charger

This charger has a 5-mile range and is ideal to use to protect smaller livestock animals. It has the capacity to keep larger predators away and is effective for medium sized fences. It comes with a 6-volt battery and works with DC output. It can operate for up to 5 weeks without exposure to sunlight and it stays fixed in place. In addition, it is also shockproof!

  1. Zareba AC-Powered Low-Impedance Charger

This charger has a 25-mile range with powerful shock absorbing qualities and a 1-Joule energy output. It also has a digital timing and is a very versatile model. This charger fits different types of fences such as electrical, poly tape, poly wire, and high tensile fences.

  1. Parmak Magnum 12 Solar Pak Low Impedance Charger

This charger features a 12-volt battery and has a 30-mile range. It has a Parmak’s high-tech circuitry and a built-in performance meter that made its superior charging power possible. Other than being shockproof, the charger is also fully portable and weatherproof.

  1. Red Snap’r ESP2M-RS 2-Mile Solar Fence Charger

This charger is designed for aluminum wire and steel fences only. It is easy to install on wood posts, T-posts, flat surfaces, and round posts. It is lightweight and comes with a handle that allows the owner to carry it easily. The solar panel can withstand damage and harsh weather conditions and is suitable for poly wire, poly rope, aluminum, steel, and poly tape fences.