How To Make Big Money On eBay Selling Other People's Stuff

by Tim Knox
Copyright © 2005

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Since eBay launched the Trading Assistant program last year, over
50,000 eBay sellers have registered as Trading Assistants to help
other people sell their goods on eBay.

As a result, eBay consignment businesses have sprung up all over
the United States and are now starting to appear in Germany and
the UK.

Consider this:

  • There are 35 million users on eBay's US site and 50 million
    users of eBay's international sites and that number grows every
  • Even with those numbers, there are still millions of people who
    know very little about eBay or are afraid to try it.

  • There are millions more who know about eBay, but just don't
    have the time or inclination to sell items themselves.

  • Hundreds of people in your very own neighborhood have tons of
    things lying around the house that would sell on eBay, but they
    don't have the time or know-how to get them listed and sold.

This means opportunity for you.

Time To Start Your Own eBay Consignment Business

As we've discussed many times before, the biggest problem eBay
sellers have is finding merchandise at a low enough price to sell
on eBay.

With an eBay Consignment Business, people give you merchandise to
sell with no risk on your part. You auction the goods on eBay and
pay the consignor (the person who gave you the goods) the
proceeds of the sale less your commission and fees.

If something doesn't sell, you simply return the item to the

If you can find people to consign goods to you, then you have
created an unstoppable money machine.

How Much Can You Earn?

eBay consignment professionals charge fees ranging from 10% on
very high priced items up to 40% on consignment items that sell
for less than a few hundred dollars.

  • One business in the San Francisco Bay area charges 40% and is
    successfully closing hundreds of auctions per week.
  • Another business in Florida has been so successful they are
    franchising their system for $15,000.
  • Done correctly, this business has no risk and low start-up
    yet can produce thousand of dollars of income per year for you
    and your family.

If you are interested in starting your own eBay Consignment
Business I highly recommend that you learn how to do it right.

You don't want to wing it or learn as you go because that will
cost you time, money, and countless mistakes.

Here's the only resource I recommend for starting an eBay
Consignment Business:

"How To Start & Run an eBay Consignment Business" by eBay Expert,
Trainer, and Powerseller Skip McGrath.

Skip has been selling on eBay almost since day one and is a
member of "The eBay Elite," an organization representing the top
500 sellers on eBay.

"How To Start & Run an eBay Consignment Business" will teach you
the correct way to start and run what Skip calls, "the perfect
eBay business."

"How To Start & Run an eBay Consignment Business" is not an e-
Book or a CD.

It is a 200 page, three-pound, step-by-step, printed instruction
manual that is delivered to your door bound in a custom binder
and contains everything you need to start and run a professional
eBay consignment business.

Skip not only shows you the steps to start your business, he also
provides all the sales and contract materials you will need to
get started.

Skip includes pre-written classified ads, posters and flyers,
blank forms to record inventory and calculate fees and the all-
important consignment contract.

Skip has even created a CD with all the documents, blank forms,
advertising posters and sales letters in Microsoft Word files, so
you can customize them with your information and print them out.

Once you start your business, "How to Start & Run An eBay
Consignment Business will show you how to grow it into a full-
time enterprise that can make thousands of dollars per year.

A properly written consignment agreement (contract) is critical
to the success of your business and Skip has spent a substantial
sum of money in legal fees to construct the perfect consignment
agreement. This agreement is included with your purchase of the

The consignment agreement alone is worth more than the cost of
the manual. It would cost you several hundred dollars in legal
fees just to create a basic agreement.

Skip is also known for putting his money where his mouth is.

That's why "How to Start & Run An eBay Consignment Business"
comes with a 90-day, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, ironclad money-back

Skip will refund not only the cost of the book, but your shipping
charge as well. That's an unheard of guarantee.

If you think an eBay Consignment Business might be your key to
online success, check out Skip's manual now.

"How To Start & Run an eBay Consignment Business"

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