Meet Tim Knox

Tim Knox Tim Knox is a veteran entrepreneur who is well qualified to write a column like Small Business Q&A.; Aside from being a published author and syndicated columnist, he is the founder, president and CEO of three highly successful companies:

  • Digital Graphiti Inc., a software development company whose client list includes Time Warner, Mercedes Benz, BooksAMillion, NASA, and over one hundred others.

  • B2Secure Inc., a Web-based hiring management software company with numerous clients in the high tech and healthcare industries.

  • DropshipWholesale, an online organization dedicated to helping ordinary people launch and prosper from their own Ebay or online sales business

  • ELAB Ventures is a company dedicated to the education and growth of entrepreneurs. We provide seminars, coaching, and customized training designed specifically for the small business owner. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs build a solid business, increase productivity and profits, and create a plan for steady economic growth.

Tim is the author of two popular business startup ebooks: Small Business Success Secrets and The Amazing CD Money Machine, and writes the weekly newspaper column, Small Business Q&A; with Tim Knox.

Tim also writes the Business Ideas & Inspiration and Internet Startup & Design Expert columns for, the website of the national publication Entrepreneur Magazine.

Tim is a board member of the Alabama Information Technology Association, an organization committed to growing and supporting the Information Technology industry and those organizations utilizing, supporting, and affiliated with IT in the state of Alabama. He has also worked with many e-business, technology and Internet start-up companies as an investor and advisor.

Tim has led numerous seminars and has lectured on the subject of small business, technology and e-business for commercial and educational clients.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Tim spent more than 20 years as a technology executive for Boeing Aerospace and Teledyne Technologies. As a private business consultant, he has led the e-business initiatives for companies like Advance Internet, Mercedes-Benz, Time Warner and a number of city, county and state government agencies.

In previous lives Tim worked as a standup comedian, radio morning show host, an underground newspaper publisher, an award-winning humor columnist, and almost-syndicated cartoonist. That series of misadventures is chronicled online at

Tim lives in Huntsville, Alabama, and is married with two daughters.

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